Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator

Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Schaemere is one of the league's most sought-after coaches Colin Wilson Jersey, if he wants to find a new owner, I am afraid that many teams will tend to be the same, of course, he became the reason Another is that getting him may also be accompanied by a reliable quarterback Derek Roy Jersey, which is a double-edged sword for those in need of a quarterback team. Over the weekend, Pittsburgh Steelers star receiver Antonio Brown put a video on social media where he trained with the help of former legendary NFL legend Richard Johnson and Johnson also posted a video titled Brown The injury "has no serious problem." It is not an exaggeration to say that Brown has no substitute for the importance of Steelers, he is one of the strongest outside receiver in the league, comparable to him and only Julio - Jones and A Cody Hodgson Jersey.J.Green such a star. This season, Brown scored 101 catches, scored 1533 yards and 9 touchdowns in only 14 games. His catch-up code was first in the league and he was like a catching machine Promoter Steelers attack Ryan Johansen Jersey.

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